Benefits of Online Yoga Classes in 2021 | Power Yoga

How to Add Online Yoga to Your Daily Routine in 2021

What is vinyasa yoga?

Is Yoga a Good Workout to Tone Your Body?

Well, we’ve got two reasons as to why there isn’t any other fitness regimen more ubiquitous than yoga:

  1. It may be the most rational fitness regime in existence. There is no other exercise that combines strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, and cardio all while enhancing every range of motion and exposing and caring for every nook and cranny.
  2. The way it leaves you feeling. Pretty much like a lover, not a fighter. In other words, you are chill, all is good, whatever happened ain’t as bad. It's a great feeling!

Many fitness trends have a downside. Running will compact your body and tighten up the hamstrings, Weights can all be compressing and tightening, same with most heavy cardio, and most are one-dimensional. Yoga is a great adjunct as it releases compression and tight muscles and it activates all the other fitness dimensions, making your fitness regime complete.

Online yoga studios allow us to partake in online yoga classes anytime convenient to us, and at we have classes of all different lengths of time. Only have ten minutes? We have some 10-minute barn burners and also 10-minute meditations, whatever your preference. Shorter classes are wonderful for those of you loving whatever fitness routine you are doing but simply want to balance it all off with some yoga. Shorter classes are also nice for the athletes who want to complement their sport or activities with a short well-rounded yoga flow.

The Benefits of Online Yoga Classes

The unexpected benefits of taking virtual yoga classes from home will spoil you. No drive time, class anytime, your choice of any type and length of yoga class, a shower nearby and conveniently your own, and many more. My favorite aspect of online yoga classes is finding a class that suits my needs. As I age my body has become more finicky about what it wants. The one size fits all approach just doesn’t cut it anymore. My energy level changes quite often due to all the different activities I’m involved with. From parenting to gardening, from late nights to early mornings my body bears the brunt of my lifestyle, and often tells me loudly what it wants; I usually have no problem appeasing its needs with all the variety at my fingertips at

Don’t let the name Power Yoga fool you, or even worse, intimidate you. Power Yoga means a yoga practice that’s empowering. This means yoga classes that suit you. That's the secret power, which is: what you’re doing feels right and suits your needs. It's not a “no pain, no gain”. It’s a “no pain, no injury”. See you on the yoga mat! Sign up for Power Yoga today.