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Challenge Accepted

Finding Balance Through the Holiday Season

We challenge you to find balance this holiday season by expanding your practice outside of your normal routine. By using one of the challenge brackets below, commit to 2 or 4 classes each week, half of each committed to physical wellbeing and the other half committed to your mental health. Each week, Bryan will suggest classes to take and provide helpful “challenge tips” along the way. Topics we will focus on during this challenge are as follows:

  • Week One: Challenge Begins – Let’s Get Started!
  • Week Two: Find Your Balance
  • Week Three: Meditation
  • Week Four: How Are You Doing Check-In
  • Week Five: Positivity
  • Week Six: Gratitude

 The 6-week challenge begins on November 21st! If you’re a free member and want to join the challenge, head to onboarding to see your options!

Sign up below if you are interested. Don’t miss this chance to practice gratitude during one of the busiest seasons of the year!

Challenge Brackets

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