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Free Online Yoga Classes

Bryan Kest doing a yoga pose in a living room.

Free online content is as old as the internet and free yoga online is no different. This is one of the perks of the internet. YouTube is virtually all free. Most times, more so than not, we do pay for free content if that makes sense. Let me explain: You may not pay money for content but you may have to put up with ads, pop-up windows, or the likes. Same as if you want to watch the Super Bowl in real time, you have to deal with the commercials. Internet ads and pop-ups are virtually internet commercials. Same as the ads in a newspaper or magazine.

YouTube is actually making us watch an ad before we can watch yoga videos online for free. So in a way you pay. Now, it might hurt less to watch those videos or ads that reach into your wallet, but be aware those advertisers will try anything in that 15-second spot to manipulate you. Many of the providers of free content on YouTube are being paid by YouTube to advertise on their channel, which is one way if not the main way providers derive income. Of course, the more fillers you have the more you are paid to allow ads on your channel.

As I blogged about previously, the best free online yoga doesn’t necessarily mean the best yoga, as free is not synonymous with good. Although, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s not good either. You really need to try it and see for yourself because truly “best” is very personal. It will depend on your needs at the time you decide to participate. What I mean is how you are feeling right before you are ready to participate in the class. Your mood, energy level, age, injuries, etc.--you get it.

I have focused thus far on YouTube; yet, there are other places to find free content as the best online yoga classes free on charge might actually be on subscription websites like mine at Power Yoga, which also offer a lot of free content. Again, I cannot say my offerings are the best as this stuff is very personal but I try to make my offerings the best by offering a large variety of classes from mellow to vigorous, from meditation to exhilaration, and everything in-between. I have been approached by advertisers to advertise on my website which is something you will see on many different types of websites; but, thus far, I have turned them all down. I am quite aware of the manipulation within these ads and ads can be distracting as well as the stress factor of constantly being bombarded with ads. So I choose to make money through the subscription rather than through the ads. To do this I have to make my free content so freaking good people want more! So, guaranteed the Bryan Kest Power Yoga website delivers the goods! Also, in yoga, it is very important that anybody who wants to practice yoga has an opportunity regardless of their financial situation and our website wants to serve everyone! 

We do offer free online yoga classes for beginners and for every other stage of your life so check it out. Even if you are dealing with specific issues, the philosophy behind Power Yoga makes it very approachable so don’t allow your personal situation from scaring you away from trying. Just to be fair and inclusive, many websites also offer free content so if our vibe here at Bryan Kest Power Yoga doesn’t fit your vibe at this particular time, search around as the world is your oyster!

So, if you want free yoga workouts online (yoga is much more than a workout,) you are in luck. As I said, there is a lot you just have to figure what you want and who is offering it to you in a format that you find appealing or at least not revolting!