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Tai Chi – Lesson: 9 Closing of the Form

The final movement of the form! The last and maybe simplest move of the form that brings the form to completion. Simple in terms of movement yet with the principles applied becomes very challenging and rewarding. The Wheel arms practice is how we warm up in this lesson. This is a puzzle of choreography that opens up the whole body into an integrated movement flow. Taken at your own level, this can be a gentle loosing of the body from head to toe or an intense power practice that builds incredible waist and intercostal connection and strength. The penultimate workout exercise to add to your tool kit is ‘The Golden Rooster Workoutʼ. This is a serious way to build one legged stability and strength. Youʼll realize how many other muscles are needed to be still and steady on one leg in movement. Any hip, knee and ankle stability or rehab required, this is your exercise. For Tai Chi, one legged power is an asset, this will help get you there."

Terry Kvasnik


42 mins



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