Tai Chi Lesson: 8 Ward Off, Roll Back, Press Push (other side) | Power Yoga

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Tai Chi Lesson: 8 Ward Off, Roll Back, Press Push (other side)

Weʼre repeating the same sequence on the other side here, but now weʼre familiar with the movement we can give more attention to detail. Here weʼll be getting into the finer points and more nuance of the movement pattern to give you a complete hold and understanding of how to master this sequence. Youʼll start to realize how much of a workout this sequence can be. Warming up with a Dragon Tea Cups drill to bring that whole body co-ordination into some arm and waist limbering movements. Ideal for shoulder rehab and reenforcement as well as building dynamic co-ordination. Staying with the arms and shoulders, the workout is an intense arm drill that will give you more for your lexicon of movement and ways to increase endurance and power through the upper body.

Terry Kvasnik


45 mins



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