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Tai Chi – Lesson: 10 The Form in All Itʼs Glory!

Now we have the form in its entirety we have the place to truly practice all of the principles of Tai Chi. We will be going into more detail and reminders of techniques, principles and awarenesses to give you all you need to be able to master this form and be on the path to be in touch with your energetic state in movement. Weʼll go through the form 3 times to focus on different elements to give you the widest sphere of understanding to take into your practice. Our warm up will be to learn the form without our hands. One of the most beneficial things you could ever do for your form is to drop the arms and focus on the lower half of the body. Youʼll be guided through an armless version of the form to prime you for moving into a deeper state of flow and 6 harmony connectedness. The last workout is an energetic or Chi workout. Here weʼll be discovering the Chi ball practice and getting into a place of sensing the Chi flow and being able to play with this awareness. This practice acts a key to unlocking the deeper aspects of Tai Chi practice that goes way beyond the physical movements. With this warm up and ending workout, you now will have all the tools necessary to take this practice as far as you want to go. If nothing else, you have a range of transcendent physical practices to take yourself to your optimum physical health and happiness. If you put all of these classes and practices together, you have all you need to develop your body, mind and spirit to a profoundly elevated - and grounded -place."

Terry Kvasnik


67 mins




I like it but why is he whispering into his microphone! WE CAN'T HEAR!!!!! unless we keep adjusting the volume!

March 11, 2022

emerle, on the Tai Chi – Lesson: 10 The Form in All Itʼs Glory! class.

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