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Strong as can be

Mon, 11/09/20 - Somehow we never really made it out of the first warm-up sequence but just started adding things. What was added was arm balances and leg balances which are some of the most demanding movements. Lots of back strength and eventually core muscle as well. Still somehow we made room for some really sweet deep stretches.

Bryan Kest
65 mins




Great class B! Im like a day behind on these bc I have to do them earlier in the a.m. 😁 Grass Lake, MI (from Hilltop Lansing) Tnx Bryan and Melissa

November 12, 2020

team_bmc, on the Strong as can be class.

Hi Bryan! I used to practice with you in LA for ten years and I have been on online member since 2016, practicing daily in London for a year, in Vermont for two years, and now in Providence, RI! Great class, thanks! I will be renewing my membership for a fourth time soon. Thanks for making new classes for us as I think I have gone through them all over the years!

November 11, 2020

Shelley, on the Strong as can be class.

Thank you Bryan an Melissa for this wonderful yogic flow! I am from Germany and love your style of teaching yoga. Once we've met in Adrasan, maybe you remember, it was a very learningful time for me and I never felt stronger physically and mentally than after that retreat. Hope to see you again there or anywhere else on the world, but until than I appreciate that I can visit your classes online anytime I feel the need to calm down and focus on myself. Thank you Bryan and Melissa for giving us Non-Americans the chance to take part! Pandemic-free kisses and hugs, Christina from Hamburg (Germany)

November 11, 2020

Christina, on the Strong as can be class.

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