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Strength Everywhere

Tue, 04/12/22: A big upper body strengthening sequence with loads of middle body muscles strengthened along the way, and then it's time for the butt and legs using chair variations and backbends.

Bryan Kest


72 mins




Love Wheel

April 28, 2022

emerle, on the Strength Everywhere class.

what a phenominal cue . While the leader keeps making suggestions for my wellness, i am summoned to NOT follow blindly, even though the leader said " do this" . LOVE it!!! LIVE it!!! Sustain it! YES!!! Thank you for leading me to make my own decisions for my own body, Namaste , sweet one

April 18, 2022

Sue, on the Strength Everywhere class.

April 14, 2022

Lisa, on the Strength Everywhere class.

Loved the pace & rhythm, as well as the linear progression. Thanks Bryan & Melissa!

April 13, 2022

misslingly, on the Strength Everywhere class.

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