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Power Yoga Online Class: Release into Inner Peace Version 2.

  Over our lives, we accumulate experiences and these experiences shape our core beliefs & have emotional attachments. Most of the core beliefs we live by are necessary and positive, but its the negative beliefs either about ourselves, others or the world that we want to re-program into ourselves to live a fuller & happier life. Every Yoga Nidra guided meditation is a healing journey to our True Self. Some may call this our True Nature or the Source for example. In this Yoga Nidra meditation, Eric guides you into getting more comfortable with the coming & going of emotions and being able to welcome & be OK with suppressed, negative emotions that do not serve you positively in life. With the body & mind in deep rest, you are gently guided to letting go of any negative core beliefs and planting new positive belief seeds that have the potential to clarify and fulfill life intentions and purpose. If it feels right within you, feel free to make any of the positive beliefs presented in this meditation your Sankalpa (Intention) for future practices. Music title: Release into Peace by Roland Bogdahn (different from Version 1 of this class)

Eric Bennewitz


37 mins




Very soothing I love Yoga Nidra

January 16, 2021

lucile.woodward, on the RELEASE INTO INNER PEACE Version 2. class.

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