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Open the door

Wed, 11/11/20 - A flow for young bucks and does. This class is super approachable yet highly muscular. It's strong and deep yet not too much of any type of movement or body part. Most emphasis is on core strength yet plenty of deep hip stretches and a nice shoulder stand to finish.

Bryan Kest
65 mins




A great, simple (not easy!) sequence with some nice variations on the usual B.K. flow. As always, the right amount of challenge with wise philosophy at the foundation. My only wish is for the traditional "narrow your eyeballs down to the perimeter of your own yoga mat" reminders, rather than calling attention to the practice of the "yoga model"; while I certainly understand that some attendees benefit from having an example from time to time, I suppose I find that speaking about their practice during the class takes away from the rich and bountiful instruction Bryan usually offers when teaching to the individual, personal experience. Of course, he is also giving me the opportunity to stay focused and calm rather than being critical. Overall, as always, I enjoyed a practice rich with incredibly nourishing, healing breath and movement; thank you, Bryan!

November 30, 2020

s.mollyjo, on the Open the door class.

I think you should have named it "Buck and Doe Flow." I also think the lovely, geriatric Melissa could have handled this! (I'm a year older than her.)

November 13, 2020

Leigh, on the Open the door class.

This class is just what I needed! I took a pause from painting my kitchen to catch this class- happy that I did!

November 11, 2020

Jamie, on the Open the door class.

it was my very first livestream yoga class. The sound and video was good. Great class. Thank you. Grazie!!

November 11, 2020

Serena, on the Open the door class.

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