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Mellow Out

A nice mellow practice with a little bit of flow that will get you moving, breathing, out of your head and into your body.

Steve Jones
47 mins




Thank you very much for this calming class

March 24, 2021

mariateresacalal, on the Mellow Out class.

When Jonsey says “for your bomm” I know sh*t is about to get real - real good, real fantastic, relieving. Thanks Team Udaya, I love all yous guys Matt-You Amityville Lawn Guyland New Yawk 631.332.1976 text/cell Holler at me

March 18, 2021

mcutillo, on the Mellow Out class.

What a great class...definitely mellow but with a slow flow with breath that really calmed me. I needed that. Thank you Steve!

March 8, 2021

Kate, on the Mellow Out class.

Thank you, Melissa, Mateo, and Steve, for a perfect practice to help soften the effects of yesterday's extensive, domestic rigors. Steve, I am always grateful for your guidance and gentle persona. Namaste

March 7, 2021

Joseph, on the Mellow Out class.

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