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No standing poses, upper body and core strength and a couple of nice ending stretches.

Bryan Kest
29 mins




My first time doing a gentle class. I'm having a peroneal tendonitis (ankle) issue -- and I think down dog is exacerbating it. First I tried I yin class. Didn't like it. Then did this one. Loved it. I modified the little bit of down dog that was there. Really relaxed me -- got into sweetness of chest opening and breathing deep. But still burned 114 calories.

April 6, 2021

ScottyP, on the Indulge or Discard class.

I smelled my own hinter teil, ready for that well earned shower 🧼

March 19, 2021

mcutillo, on the Indulge or Discard class.

I love these shorter classes. It's a sweet option for those of us with full time jobs, families etc. Perfect practice before work. Thank you for the option to do what is approachable, on any given day. 15 minutes or a mammoth 90 min class, it's all beneficial.

February 24, 2021

Kimberly, on the Indulge or Discard class.

Ooooooo it’s so good to be back. Thank you!!!! 🙏🏼 🧘🏻‍♀️🎋

February 4, 2021

Andria, on the Indulge or Discard class.

So excellent! Just a wee bit of heat and lots of nice stretches. Love the backbends. Much more approachable for me. Thank you Bryan!

January 13, 2021

Kate, on the Indulge or Discard class.

Best class ever!

January 13, 2021

Rocco, on the Indulge or Discard class.

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