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Breath flows, modest stroll

Wed, 11/18/20 - Starting with salutations and a modest standing sequence, a more modest lunge sequence and then the cryangle. Camel sequence, spinal twist and rest. Well maybe a few other poses yet certainly a modest flow.

Bryan Kest
65 mins




Loved this! Thank you!

November 29, 2020

Jackie, on the Breath flows, modest stroll class.

Wonderful gentle way to get back to yoga after a busy week ! Just the right amount of stretch, balance and strength poses, but not too intense.

November 23, 2020

michelleja2727, on the Breath flows, modest stroll class.

This is a terrific practice. I didn’t get to practice until late in the day. What a great way to shed the day and prepare for evening. Thank you for your time, Melissa too. You two are super appreciated.

November 20, 2020

Alyson, on the Breath flows, modest stroll class.

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