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Animal Melody – Animal Style

Here we bring together all of the animals in the series. Utilizing select animal style movements from the extensive library from this series to create small routines. The ‘routines’ are set on a time frame and the game is to keep going for the time suggested. The invitation is to keep flowing at whatever pace suits you. It provides some engaging and challenging ways to call the whole body and mind into action. From this practice you’ll understand how you can link all of these animal styles together and be able to creatively build your own animal style workouts. This will give you endless animal style ways to develop your finesse in holistic movement. You don’t have to have done any of the other practices in the series to have fun and get benefit from this one but it could help some of the movements make more sense to you.

Terry Kvasnik


44 mins




so love this style. terry is an amazing guide full of stillness and strength.

September 12, 2022

Nina, on the Animal Melody – Animal Style class.

great workout, thank you very much!

September 8, 2022

mariateresacalal, on the Animal Melody – Animal Style class.

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