Past Livestreams

A Pain in My Butt

Tue, 09/14/21: Well I guess you will be toning your butt muscles in this one. This is actually a very eclectic flow leaving you humming from temples to toes with a sweet meditation to end!

Bryan Kest


71 mins




I loved this class. Turned the lights low in my office, threw out a mat and did the practice right there. What an amazing break!

September 16, 2021

Michael, on the A Pain in My Butt class.

When the class lasts 1 hour 11 min and 11 seconds you know there has to be something pretty special about the class... loads of leg lifts, balancing and strengthening ! Much love and gratitude as always!

September 15, 2021

michelleja2727, on the A Pain in My Butt class.

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