BIG NEWS - Bryan Kest's Power Yoga Virtual Studio is Expanding! | Power Yoga

BIG NEWS – Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Virtual Studio is Expanding!

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Aloha Everyone! Our yoga classes are expanding virtually!

Yoga will not tell you what to do. It will just ask you to wake up and see what you're doing, and then ask yourself four questions:

1) Does this help me?
2) Does this help my family?
3) Does this help my community?
4) Does this help the planet?

I sincerely hope you have been able to appreciate this rare type of quietness and downtime. Those of you who have not found any peace during these challenging times, please check out my FREE meditation for anxiety.

Many of the instructors from our Santa Monica studio and Power Yoga that you love so much, including Rudy, Mike, Dan, Tracey, and Byron, have agreed to lead LIVE yoga classes from their home. If things go well, I promise you I will approach the others and get them involved as well!

As of now, this is even better than our studio reopening because you would not be able to go to our studio during this pandemic. So those of you joining for your old school instructor or for some amazing old school yoga classes, or if live-streaming classes float your boat, please click here to join us. The price for these online classes is $3 for streaming members and $6 for all else.

Currently, Bryan Kest leads LIVE streaming classes Monday - Friday at 9:00am PST. We will rotate the above-mentioned instructors Monday - Friday at 4:00pm PST, beginning Monday, April 20th, with Tracey Goldman.The class schedule will be posted to my Crowdcast homepage by this Sunday, April 19th. My hope is that this will be well-received so I can bring you more instructors and variety while simultaneously supporting these incredibly dedicated instructors who have been mainly out of a job lately!

Please send any questions regarding the live streaming classes to Power Yoga Support.

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming Long, Slow and Deep (LSD) event.