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Best Yoga Videos – Do They Really Exist?

Best Yoga Videos

Why are the best yoga videos at Power Yoga?

Honestly, objectively speaking, there are no “best yoga videos” because yoga is so very personal. Your appreciation of a yoga class whether it’s online or on video or in person is dependent on so many variables. For instance: your constitution, age, personality, energy level, injuries, and experience. And there are actually so many more variables.

Even classes you truly appreciate may not be optimal for you at another time or stage in your life. Different people will say different yoga videos and styles are the best, but what they really mean is these yoga videos and styles are the best for them right now. Even if they don’t know that’s what they are saying.

Why does Power Yoga have the absolute best yoga videos for beginners?

There are so many online businesses out there competing for your business that would love your patronage. They know that in order to get your attention they need to put the word “best” all over the place. They use other methods as well. This way when you do an internet search for “The best…whatever,” whether it’s a yoga video or whatever, their website, article, or blog pops up first. 

The world of SEO (search engine optimization) is full of talented people who are experts in driving traffic to websites by using Google’s rules to their clients' advantage. This is what’s happening when you see multiple articles promoting the 25 best yoga videos or the “best” of anything. It’s not that they are really the 25 best, it’s just an opinion of what’s best. There may even be a financial incentive for them to call a particular style, video or website “the best.” This is simply the way business and marketing is done today. The truth is that yoga is so personal, there cannot be a “best” that’s for everybody. 

Why does Power Yoga have the best home yoga videos?

Here is why we at may be in your top 10 or maybe top 3 or even number 1. This may also be why Power Yoga is included in some health websites’ top 10 yoga streaming websites.

1. 4 1/2 stars on Amazon and Facebook reviews

2. Twenty instructors that add up to 400 years of experience

3. Positive reviews in major publications including the New York Times, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, and many more

4. State of the art easily navigable website

5. Excellent customer service

6. Diverse offerings of purely yoga content

7. A safe place for beginners to experience yoga

8. Competitive pricing and plenty of FREE content and classes

9. Free content with no credit card or commitment

10. Bryan Kest (creator of Power Yoga) has 40 years of teaching and practicing experience at your service

Did I say free content? Give it a try with absolutely no commitment and see why so many say Power Yoga is #1 in their 10 best online yoga sites.