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Best Online Yoga

Why is poweryoga.com the best online yoga? Well, actually we might not be! Even though many might feel we are. We do offer a high-quality experience, which means the techies who built poweryoga.com knew what they were doing; with its symmetry and ease of use, it’s a comfortable place to be. The people who run poweryoga.com know what they are doing, and our customer service is second to none. We have hand-picked incredibly experienced, locally popular and internationally popular instructors, filmed leading live classes mostly at the Santa Monica Power Yoga & Meditation center, located in the very heart of the Southern California yoga scene, which has been the epicenter of yoga’s creative growth and popular explosion for decades. This is my home studio! We have close to 1000 classes available for all levels and abilities, and if needed, we will hold your hand and guide you through your first week of classes so you can get the hang of things. We also offer beginners yoga programs and weight loss programs and others, as there are always situations that warrant their own realm of attention. This type of quality and service would be difficult to supersede! Yet we may not have the variety of content and the quantity of instructors as some other websites offer, as we are mostly focused on a home yoga practice and a teacher training & immersion course (strictly asana and meditation content), and we are really picky about instructors, which I have hand-picked, each one. So, if you want variety of instructors and variety of content like tai chi or Pilates, kirtan (chanting), lectures etc., you might find another website to offer the best online yoga experience.

Yet certainly, to be the best online yoga is just an opinion, as the phrase “the best“ is very personal and subjective. Even if I or someone else considered poweryoga.com to be the best, it does not mean that we will consider poweryoga.com to be the best forever. The SEO peeps hired by yoga studios, companies and corporations know the terminology and gimmicks the search engines favor in order to drive traffic. They can see what terms and phrases are searched for most frequently, and then they include these terms in their content, which the search engines notice, so when someone searches for one of these terms like “best online yoga” or “best online yoga programs” or “best online yoga subscription” or “best online yoga videos“  or “best yoga videos for beginners online” or simply just “best yoga videos,“ their content pops up. This is how traffic is driven to websites. Once the customers are guided to a website via Google or Yahoo search, then the website tries to capture your email so it can market products to you now or later. Of course, if you are searching for online yoga classes, you would probably search for the “best online yoga classes;” this is what you will put into the Google search box, but the listings you will get are not necessarily the best online yoga content and certainly not the best online yoga websites, you will simply get someone calling themselves the best in order to get ranked high by Google, so they can capture more visitors. So, don’t be fooled by rankings; they are not synonymous with quality.

Really, there is no one online yoga site that we all would agree on is best, yet I believe there are a lot of really great websites that have really good content, and most offer a 7-day free trial, so enjoy a buffet of yoga streaming sites and see what you gravitate towards.

aloha  bryan