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The Beauty of Yoga Online

Bryan Explains Why Online Yoga Videos Can Better Support Your Yoga Practice.

The Internet and social media can be a big contributor to stress, as anything used in an unbalanced way can be harmful. The correlation between social media and depression is now apparent. So personally, when it comes to me or my kids, I like to get away from the technology stuff and indulge in the rest of life. For me, that means yoga along with many other endeavors.

I do not believe there is anything wrong with the Internet, technology or social media. The issue is their use in an unbalanced manner. What is balanced and unbalanced? That answer is personal, yet it is something that needs to be considered if wellness is the goal, especially when there is kids involved.

For me, online yoga classes, yoga videos online or streaming yoga classes are a very good mix of nature and technology and, in a paradoxical way, using technology to get away from technology and into nature. Remember you are nature, and a little time spent with your body is a little time in nature. During this time spent with your body within your yoga class, you are using technology as you stream yoga classes, yet you are far away from technology. When the class is over, you don’t feel like you just were staring at the computer for an hour, you feel like you just had the most needed break. When you take my online yoga classes (we have 3 or 4 free yoga online classes on our website), you do not need to stare at the screen. Maybe occasionally you will look at the screen, if you are unsure of verbal cues, yet mostly you are listening and following along. Myself and our amazing instructors here at Santa Monica Power Yoga & Meditation are excellent guides, and our verbal instructions clear and easily understood. No need to crane your neck or come out of a pose to look at the screen. If you have Bluetooth, your computer can be in another room. If you are just starting a yoga practice at home, check out my article on How to Do Yoga at Home for Beginners for more guidance.

I live here in Los Angeles, where the traffic is crazy and you need to add about at least an hour to any activity for drive time. I also travel the world and see the gridlock virtually everywhere these days. The more you can accomplish online, the more time you have time for yourself and your family. Streaming online yoga classes also allows you to choose the instructor you prefer at the time you prefer and the length of class your time constraints or mood dictate. Sure, studio class are great! They offer community, plus the group energy can be amazing! Come to my studio or most any studio and give them a try. BUT if you can’t make a studio class, try the best of the best online yoga classes. We are in the heart of the Southern California yoga scene! We are more than a player in this amazing yoga community. We are influencing. We created Power Yoga as well as donation-based yoga, making yoga accessible to all. Now we are one of the first online yoga sites, continuing our tradition of making yoga classes available to as many people as possible. Have a week for free and give it a try!