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Online Teacher Training

Workshop • Apr 26 • 12:00 am-12:00 am PST

Looking to expand your knowledge as an experienced yogi and embrace the confidence to share a practice of your own? Then Power Yoga’s 8-week Online Teacher Training and Immersion course may be right for you!

This course is intended for fellow yogis who hope to step outside their comfort zone and expand upon their practice mentally and physically. So plan to stray away from the traditional! Power Yoga Online Teacher Training will begin on Monday, 4/26. While this entirely virtual program is self-led, classes and instructions are given on a weekly basis as follows:

Week 1: Orientation, Getting Started,
Week 2: Objective of Yoga Practice
Week 3: Breath, Cultivating Joy, Meditation in Motion, Art of Yoga
Week 4: Sequencing, Alignment
Week 5: Finishing Poses & Cool Downs, Savasana, Working with Injuries, Adjustments
Week 6: The Art of Teaching Yoga, Personalized Routine
Week 7: Review Your Work and Go Deeper
Week 8: Accessibility, Things to Know as an Instructor, The Yoga of Business

Power Yoga’s 8-week teacher immersion program will guide you into a six-month term of practicing what you have learned and accomplished within these 8 weeks. After the completion of this online training and immersion, you will receive a certification of completion from Power Yoga if completed within the six-month term.

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