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The future is here and online yoga seems to be the best alternative for many people. Of course high quality yoga classes are the most desirable so let’s look at this “high quality” thing. High quality yoga classes might be different than a high quality website. Obviously, both would be preferred. I’ve have searched around the web for online yoga and found high quality can mean different things. Some of these big yoga websites can have many interesting and diverse offerings and features that will take you a while to understand and use. Some expand their offerings to a very broad description of yoga as you will get lots of musical performances, chanting, Qi gong, martial arts, fitness, cooking classes and much more. In some cases, high quality can mean amazing technology, interactive content, superb photography. In others it can simply mean basic yoga classes with experienced instructors. Here is our definition of high quality.

Poweryoga.com has been built on the legacy of Bryan Kest, the creator of Power Yoga (which simply means an empowering experience), and western-based donation yoga and has been a fixture on the worldwide yoga scene for the past 30 years. Bryan Kest has taken a simple yet state-of- the-art approach to his online studio. Yes I said his! Bryan solely owns Poweryoga.com and Bryan makes all content and creative decisions. No corporate boardroom deciding what will sell best, no make up for the yoga models (because pimples don’t sell), no gimmicks or sound effects that might distract from the breath. Most all classes are filmed live at his studio and all instructors are hand-picked by him. As with all Bryan Kest business, customer service is the highest priority as “do on to others as you would like them to do on to you” (karma) is a truism Bryan lives by. The criteria for the online instructors are a big heart, authenticity, mass appeal at Bryan’s Santa Monica Power Yoga & Meditation Studio and loads of experience. To thrive at Santa Monica Power Yoga & Meditation Studio is no easy task. Instructors teach in the most saturated yoga market on earth and can only lead classes by donation (students give what they can give) then they have to pay rent to studio for their time slot. That’s right, our instructors pay us to lead classes at Santa Monica Power Yoga then there needs to be enough money left in the donation box for them to live. This is a system that weeds out all but the most talented teachers.

We use state-of-the-art technology to simplify the user experience. We do this by not bogging down the user experience with busy pages, bells and whistles and too many offerings, as our focus is pure yoga. Right now we have less than 20 super talented and highly experienced teachers who lead a large variety of yoga classes and content as well as yoga programs for the different physical needs and stages of one’s life, at varying durations to fit into one’s busy or not so busy schedule, as well as yoga 201 (which means meditation classes). If you like a class, you can “favorite it” and it gets saved in your personal account. And who doesn’t have a favorite teacher or class? That’s basically it! If you want your yoga studio to be a yoga studio and you want a fair price this is for you.

If this sounds appealing to you check us out for a free 7-day trial. Poweryoga.com

Image Credit: Lograstudio/Pixabay

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