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My Dad is Strange! My Dad is Cool!

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I am super excited to share with all of you and hopefully your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, etc…

For me, like for so many others, the pandemic created a lot of down time. I was scheduled to lead classes, workshops, and trainings in hundreds of cities around the globe and sometime around April 2020 each and every event was canceled. Well, one of the results of this bonus time was this children’s book pictured here. This book was conceived years ago when my children used to peek through a crack in the door to my home yoga studio. I could literally feel them wondering what I was doing. So I decided to write a children’s yoga book/story from a different perspective. That perspective being a story of a daughter asking her father: “What is yoga practice?” and the dad attempting to explain to his daughter what yoga practice is and why.

So many kids witness their parents (or grandparents) practicing yoga or going off to take a yoga class. I wanted to help kids have a little fun understanding what their parents were doing. I also wanted parents (or grandparents) to have a little fun helping their kids understand what they’re doing.

This vibrant, playful, and colorful book is a culmination of 2 of my greatest passions which are my children and my yoga practice displayed in true Bryan Kest fashion: simple, practical, and playful. Sorry, there are no f-bombs but there is one “fart”. I hope you enjoy and find this book fun and helpful.

If any of you are interested in this perspective or just wanting to playfully plant some yoga seeds into a child’s mind or maybe you know someone who might appreciate this you can order from me directly. The price is USD$22 plus $4 shipping + handling within the U.S. Payment methods are as follows:

Or we could go old school and charge your credit card from our end. Just contact Melissa here:

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