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Kate Kuss

Kate has experienced how a dedicated yoga + meditation practice leads to health, happiness and awareness of oneself.  Health is wealth and yoga shows the way in the body, mind and soul.

As a teacher, Kate’s passion is reminding students how special they are and how we can all stay connected to what really matters both on and off the mat.

Kate has completed over 1,500 hours of yoga teacher training including 400 hours of meditation training and has been teaching for 6 years. Her love + appreciation for stillness in the mind and body manifested into leading teacher trainings where she shares the benefits of Yin Yoga and the meditation practice, Yoga Nidra.

Based in New York City, Kate teaches weekly classes in Power Flow, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. She is grateful for her teachers including her mom and dad, Bryan Kest, Kay Kay Clivio, Yogi Charu, Ulrica Norberg and Joshua Greene. Forever a student, Kate is honored and very excited to be on this path.

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