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Aloha Everyone,

Bryan Kest here. I want to offer an entry point or re-entry point into the world of healing exercise. I want to offer people a place to ignite or reignite a comprehensive yet approachable fitness routine that’s adaptable to who you are and where you are at and flexible enough to move with you through the changes in your body and mind including our aging process.

  • Do you want a gentle kick in the butt to restart your routine?
  • Do you want to indulge in a routine that pairs fitness and wellness?
  • Are you feeling inspired or motivated to make a healthy shift in your life?
  • Do you appreciate physical exercise and mental expansion?
If you said yes to any of these questions, this online program is for you! 

30 Days to a New You – Online Program

This online program encompasses 26 classes over a 30-day period*. Each 7th day is a rest and recovery day. If you adhere to the guidance given you will feel great after each and every class. Our experience is that after the 30-day period, weakness, stagnation, tension, dormancy atrophy, and lethargy will be eradicated. You will feel tone, supple, light, and free, vibrating with aliveness throughout every nook and cranny of your body. You will also begin developing the mental capabilities of being less reactive and more accepting reducing stress and maintaining calm through the vicissitudes of life. You will also develop an understanding of fitness that will allow you to create wellness throughout your life by starting to care for yourself instead of needing to change yourself.

*You will have on-demand access to this material for up to 45 days after purchase.

What does this course include?

  • 26 online physical power yoga classes;
  • 30 hand-picked blogs from our archives to support you in having a peaceful and healthy life; and
  • 4 unique meditation classes you can take online across the 30-day period.