5-Week Online Yoga Weight Loss & Wellness Program | Power Yoga

5-Week Online Yoga Weight Loss & Wellness Program

De-stress. Lose Weight. Get in Shape. Feel Amazing.

Weight loss and health are intrinsically intertwined, and most all real health comes from a calm and peaceful mind. This mind state is the goal of yoga. Power Yoga (hatha) is the perfect weight loss vehicle, as we can get really physical– strengthening, activating, releasing and burning calories while calming our mind.

My Power Yoga Weight Loss Program was not simply designed to lose weight– it was designed to lose weight and keep excess weight off by bringing a complete wellness program into one’s life. This wasn’t designed to be a quick fix— this was designed to transform your life. – Bryan Kest


Over this 5 week journey, you will:
  • Discover a stronger, healthier, and calmer You.

  • Strengthen your body, mind, and personal wellness and eating habits.

  • Become intelligently selective to build better wellness and eating patterns.

  • Develop clarity and calmness with a mindfulness and meditation practice.

  • Strengthen your asana practice.

  • Learn to meditate and explore the benefits of meditation.

  • Receive personal guidance on your weight loss and wellness journey


This 5 week program was a major turning point in my yoga practice. The key is that it helped me develop good habits that I still maintain more than a year later. I used to do yoga a few times a week, and now I do it 6 days a week. I have also continued with many of the dietary suggestions. I was a tad overweight when I started, and over the course of the year following these classes I got down to a very good weight for me. Overall I dropped 15 to 20 lbs and feel better than ever. Most importantly, it’s 15 to 20 lbs I know I can keep off because this program helped me change my lifestyle instead of just helping me lose weight. – John H., 2020 Weight Loss Program Participant