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Michelle first began practicing yoga to get off the fast tracked life she was in. After going through some deep childhood trauma it felt like everything was beginning to erupt at the age of 28. Abundance of all things not good led her to begin again. Although she mainly worked at the YMCA, her time off was balanced with fashion, music & all things rock n roll.

Her yoga journey began in Toronto where she practiced Ashtanga under Geoffery Weibe. The benefits of the practice seeped into every pore & she was hooked. Michelle then travelled to Malta 5 years later and started up her own offerings through classes, privates & retreats under MBY (Michelle Bartolo Yoga).  In 2006 Michelle travelled to India and immersed herself into Ashram life for a 500hr Transformational Yoga TTC by Yoga Alliance International which led her another layer deeper. Another passion was our main mother EARTH so Michelle started a voluntary cleanup group That’s Rubbish to save the seas of the never ending plastic situation on the island. She could see the benefits of the practice in her whole life begin to unfold as it fueled her passions.

Then 8 years ago Kundalini yoga worked itself in and another layer of magic began to take place. 12 years into teaching and the practices keep bringing her back. Back to her heart. Back to the eternal, internal wisdom that lives within us all.

The next level IN has led Michelle to be a student in Mahankirns classes & 3 min start teacher training.

Michelle has created her own offerings combining all her practices. Her classes includes pranayama, asanas with focus on breath, kriyas for mental focus and deep release & mindful meditation for presence. Michelle also incorporates sound exercises & chanting in all classes.

The first thing that struck me was her language and tone, it’s fresh, honest, modern and real. In the 5 years that followed I felt like Michelle took those of us in her class on an epic voyage inwards as she shared her practice with us. She is the best kind of teacher, one that teaches you how to find your own internal teacher. I was inspired to develop a daily practice which I follow even now she has moved away from the island. Above all things though, it is her integrity that inspires me the most. She lives elegantly in line with her principles, living yoga off the mat as much as on it – Cat Moyle (massage therapist), May 2017

Sat Nam Namaste Shanti Shanti

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