Mark Fingerman

I teach Mindfulness Yoga + Meditation. It is breath based Hatha yoga and guided meditation combined to provide an oasis of vibrant, centered well-being and a basis for a home practice. It is a mixed level class suitable for all.

“Mindfulness Yoga” refers to being fully present in each breath of each pose. This calms and stabilizes the nervous system, deepening the access to and effect of meditation. My style is a blend of Ashtanga, Iyengar and Chi Gong, based on the teachings of Max Strom, my foundational teacher.  Meditation enables mindfulness. It is strength training for the mind. Mindfulness meditation was taught by the Buddha over 2,500 years ago, practiced the world over since. It is not an inherently religious practice. It does not require that you quiet your mind. Meditation is recognized by Western science as a direct path to: reduced anxiety, stress and depression; increased happiness; improved sleep, social relations, creativity and productivity.

Practicing mindfulness increases ability to both focus attention and consciously act (rather than react). It provides relief from constant mental chatter. This naturally leads to abiding equanimity, joyful well-being and an easier time getting better results at whatever you do. I have been practicing Hatha yoga and meditation since 2000, and teaching since 2010, to the general public and military veterans. I am a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200) through Max Strom (, with whom I continue to practice. I continue to study teaching meditation with Dr. Lorin Roche (

My “day job” is as a lawyer/mediator, practicing mindfulness-based mediation at ADR Services in Los Angeles. (; Prior to that I was a civil trial lawyer for over 25 years. I live in Santa Monica, surf the local point breaks, bike and hike the local mountains.

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