Maha Bodhi

My first yoga class was challenging, I mean it was brutal! My second class, Bryan Kest was the teacher, I had not been active or taking care of my body in years so I got sick and left. So embarrassing! And kind of full circle experience since I teach at his studio now. But a seed was planted deep within my consciousness, I saw that glow, that awakened look that the yogis had on their face and I wanted to experience it! So I didn’t give up, I kept going until I got stronger and gradually got into the flow “the yoga zone”. It didn’t happen overnight, it’s called a practice after all, so I had to commit. I got there by putting in the time and doing the work, and most importantly I did it with compassion toward myself.

There is a saying “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”. After 8 years of practicing yoga, I was blessed to have the opportunity to study with world-renowned yoga instructors Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom, and obtained my 200 hours Yoga-Alliance instructor certificate.

My purpose in life is to spread and share this healing practice with as many people as possible. My teaching style will challenge you physically and inspire you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So get ready to sweat!

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