Klara Bella

Klara Bella has been working in the mind-body field for 22 years. She started her career at age 5 at the National Ballet Conservatory in Paris. She fell in love with Yoga and its healing powers when a major injury stopped her professional ballet career. She then studied body mechanics and mind patterns with diverse senior teachers from all walks of life. She currently continues to do so as she believes being a curious student enables her to constantly innovate and evolve as a teacher. She has found a union in blending many different styles of Yoga in a very challenging yet safe and loving environment. Her classes include the muscular endurance of Power Yoga, the alignment of Iyengar, the flow of Vinyasa, the core strengthening of Pilates and the therapeutics of Viniyoga.

Coming from a long lineage of doctors, she approaches the physical aspect of the practice as a math problem! Therefore, she builds creative yet logical sequences in order for her students to deepen their connection with their body. Deconstructing component parts precisely and articulating how  to fire up anatomical motors leading to a peak pose is her specialty.
On a subtle level, she believes our biggest lesson is to learn how to breathe while accepting the truth of where we are at in the moment. She now realizes that the most important part of the practice is our ability to maintain the quality of our breath while observing the way we approach challenges or changes of pace. Practicing and meditating  helped her recognizing reactive patterns manifesting outside the practice room and has brought her an awareness on a human level that no money can buy. Klara Bella is passionate about the gift of Yoga and knows it is now her turn to pass it on!

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