Cyrus Pirasteh

I discovered meditation as a teenager, and pursued knowledge of the subject from a variety of schools, including Zen, the Buddha’s teachings, mystical Christianity, Sufism, as well as the modern teachings of Gurdjieff and Osho.   My most important meditation teacher, however, has been sheer practice.   No words, no books, no teachings can replace the act of bringing one’s attention within and to the source of attention itself.  I believe that group sits can be extraordinarily powerful because of our collective inner work, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my practice with others at SMPY.

With so many constant distractions competing for our attention, it is more important than ever to incorporate a meditation practice into our lives.  Meditation helps us to keep centered, to see what is truly of importance, to strengthen our focus and attention, and, ultimately, to become closer to understanding who we are at the most fundamental level of our being.

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