Ashley Ricci

After working in the field of social work for several years, Ashley was burnt-out and in need of a change. A friend recommended yoga. It was not love at first sight. Like many, she faced both physical and mental challenges. As her practice began to develop, her personal and professional life was seemingly falling apart, when actually space was being created for her new life to come together. This is when her journey really began, she fell in love with the practice and it started to translate into all areas of her life.

Because of her love for both the physical and metaphysical elements of yoga, Ashley’s teaching style merges the two. She utilizes alignment and anatomy to design classes that will keep you safe, strong, challenged and cultivate the space needed for inward growth through consistently and mindfully practicing asana.  Having the space to explore stillness, breathe, go inward and remain playful is incredibly important. Ashley believes yoga is a vivid expression of life’s beauty. Through creativity and attention to detail, she hopes to bring this spirit of magic into each class.
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