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NIRVĀNA YOGA – The path to Freedom from Suffering! Yogasana Practice
The purpose of yoga as stated in In the second chapter of the Yoga Sutra, the Sādhana Pada (treatise on yoga written by Sage Patanjali 2000 years ago) is to find freedom from afflictions (kleśhas) and become one with the higher self – our blissful essence. Samskaras or impressions rooted in the kleśhas of ignorance, ego, attachment, aversion and fear are the cause of all suffering that we experience in our lives on the physical, mental and karmic planes. In Nirvāna Yoga, we reveal the play of the kleśhas within the laboratory of asana and work to find emancipation from their influence. By developing discriminative awareness in our actions, thoughts and emotions, we learn to gain freedom from suffering and create blissfulness in our lives.


Build a strong foundation with the roots of Yoga!

A native of India, Amit Heri was born in Bangalore and teaches Yoga in the Krishnamacharya lineage, as studied with Mysore S Vishwanath (Masterji), nephew and disciple of Guru Sri Pattabhi Jois in the 60s. He has also studied with Iyengar teachers in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. He is certified/ authorized by Masterji to teach Ashtanga Yoga and is a certified E-RYT500 & YACEP teacher with Yoga Alliance International.

Amit’s intention with teaching yoga is to empower people to overcome negativity and to stay connected with the positive aspects of their being and existence. Using the spectrum of physical practices, his purpose is to challenge mental barriers and break through preconceptions that limit people from experiencing loving kindness, peace and bliss as the center of human existence.

His clear-cut and compassionate method empowers students to attain greater awareness, clarity and consciousness in their practice and in their lives. His teachings stem out of his own experience with yoga as a transformational process – from shifting ignorance, ego, attachment/aversion and fear – based thinking to a more conscious, peaceful and trusting outlook.

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