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Four gentle flows to promote circulation.

Multiple instructors





Classes in this Series

Unwind & De-stress
A • 46 min • Steve Jones

Release tension from your hips, hamstrings, and low back, before moving on to your shoulders, neck and upper back.

Circulation Appreciation
A • 24 min • Byron de Marsé

Four gentle flows to promote circulation.

Way Down Low
A • 63 min • Bryan Kest

Very passive stretches with a couple strong moments, knees, hips, hamstrings, and spine.

Awkward and Unique
A • 60 min • Bryan Kest

Unusual and unique kneeling sequence combined with some strength.

Gentle Yoga
A • 62 min • Travis Eliot

Find stress relief and relaxation with Travis in this gentle and meditative flow!

Side Body Release
A • 29 min • Steve Jones

A thorough investigation of the side body helping to release tension from your IT band, and outer hips, all the...

Indulge or Discard
A • 29 min • Bryan Kest

No standing poses, upper body and core strength and a couple of nice ending stretches.

A • 72 min • Bryan Kest

Thu, 10/15/20 - Mostly deep and sweet floor stretch with some brief moments of heat.

Slow & Gentle & Then Monumental
A • 99 min • Bryan Kest

Sun, 10/11/20 - Gentle beginning floor stretches moving effortless into standing stretches. 

Spinal Lengthening
A • 31 min • Mike Nader

Create length and space in the spine with this short, yet effective practice.

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