Yin Twist! | Power Yoga


Yin Yoga

Hip openers & forward folds with a twist!

Multiple instructors





Classes in this Series

Yin and a Bit More!
A • 49 min • Bryan Kest

Yin with a mild spike!

Yin with a Twist!
A • 46 min • Dan Ward

Hip openers & forward folds with a twist!

Yin - Mother of All Stretches
V • 83 min • Travis Eliot

This series will expose some the of larger, tighter muscle groups in the lower body. Although it's tough the rewards...

Yin with 1/2 Lotus
A • 79 min • Dan Ward

Leg stretches and hip openers culminating in 1/2 lotus and double pigeon.

Yin Yoga for Healthy Hips
A • 85 min • Travis Eliot

Kick back, slow down, and move through a sweet series of yin poses that will leave your hips happy and...

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