Core & Back Strength

Back poses, core strength and reclining stretches.

Multiple instructors



Classes in this Series

Ultimate Core Strength Builder
Dynamic • 33 min • Mike Nader

Power Yoga Online Class: Ultimate Core Strength   Strengthen your abdominals and the muscles that support your spine in this...

Core & Back Strength
Vigorous • 100 min • Bryan Kest

Back poses, core strength and reclining stretches.

Hot to the Core & Hips
Dynamic • 65 min • Tracey Goldman

A sweaty flow with solid core work and hips.

Building on a Strong Foundation
Dynamic • 35 min • Monica Shao

Gradually recruiting muscles and activating engagement within the lower body and core.

Turn It On!
Vigorous • 59 min • Temitope Sonuyi

Strengthen hands and forearms, turn on your core and more with a twist in this flow with Temitope!

Squeeze It
Dynamic • 59 min • Rudy Mettia

A sweaty release while developing centering strength.

A Quick Fix
Dynamic • 33 min • Steve Jones

This class will challenge your balance, strengthen your core and open your hips.

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