Santa Monica Power Yoga Studio in L.A. – A Quick Update after Closing

This is a quick update since the closing of Santa Monica Power Yoga

Aloha everyone,

Wow, this is my first newsletter since the closing of Santa Monica Power Yoga.

I think of my L.A. peeps and the regulars who always stopped by the studio when visiting L.A. quite often. People tell me they are sad the studio has closed, and I get that! One sweet woman told me with tears in her eyes that when she was a child she would play tag with her friends and when playing there was always a tree or pole or wall that was a safe spot, a place where no one was allowed to tag her. She told me my studio was her safe spot! Wow! That’s exactly what our donation-based studio was meant to be. It was a place where all were welcome. One older lady once told me she had not put any money in the donation box for years as she was in desperate times (I wouldn’t know I never looked to see who was putting what) and her mom just recently passed, and she came into a little money when she sold her moms house and she handed me an envelope with $2,500.00 inside! Wow!  Again I get it, I get it deep! We had a beautiful space, and our instructors were an eclectic group of unique and talented people. I know our closing will push people to explore and investigate new instructors and new practices. I know it will open up new possibilities and opportunities. Change is not easy; keep breathing. Also, remember all of my instructors and myself have hundreds of classes uploaded onto my website and for pennies a class you can continue practicing with them and me. We are still adding 5 – 10 new classes each month!!!! @

It’s true, the studio was bleeding badly, the last couple years we were losing  $8,000 per month. That wouldn’t stop me from closing shop and opening in a less expensive location. The truth is I wanted out of Los Angeles. I love L.A. and its peeps. I really feel it’s the greatest big city on planet earth, and I have visited more cities than anyone I can imagine. The noise, traffic congestion, population density, and speed of life became too much for me. I was afraid to let my kids walk too far from home. I also wanted something different for my kids. They got to experience the greatest city now I want them to experience silence, nature, and walking to school and the grocery or ice cream store. We have chickens now and collect fresh eggs every day. Nature and silence are healing, and those of you living in big cities don’t get so caught up you don’t take time for yourself in nature. Mother earth is truly our mother: go wrap your self in her arms!

Its been such a busy summer sharing this amazing yoga in 22 European cities and a Cypress retreat and preparing for our world-class summer retreat in Costa Rica, which is right around the corner. Here are some worthwhile personal wellness endeavors I will lead through the end of this year.

Give yourself 5 days of yoga, meditation, and learning at my Singapore or Orlando 5 days deep Teacher Training and Immersion. It’s a deep journey into the essence of yoga with a slant to learning how to share this practice with others. For more info click here:

Aloha for now, sincerely,  bryan kest

August 10 - 17, 2019 | Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Nosara, Costa Rica
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SingaporeAugust 26-30[email protected]
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OH (USA), September 22-26[email protected]
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Orlando FL
 (USA), November 18-22[email protected]
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