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Aloha everyone,

Summer plans start now! (esp. if you're trapped inside due to a polar vortex!) If you’re committed to your health, spirit and yoga, here are some special events we offer to deepen and strengthen!      

Summer wellness camp for adults?
Costa Rica! Finally, we have settled on a new location (see picture above) for our summer retreat! We had to make a change from Tulum, MX, due to the environmental disaster that is encompassing their beaches during the summer. I hope the Spanish words Costa Rica don’t disappoint you! This is a vacation with a seriously healthy twist.
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Anybody want to hang out in the Mediterranean with me and a power yoga practice? We have found a special place on the sea next to a wonderful beach across from a nature reserve In Greek Cyprus! This is not only camp for adults and a healthy vacation retreat, this is also an amazing cultural experience and in my opinion there's not a more tasty and healthy cuisine than the Greek kitchen! This is a rare and special treat for all of us.
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Those of you looking to go a little deeper into your yoga, maybe you're interested in sharing your yoga practice with others, maybe you want a personal immersive yoga holiday-retreat, look into my 5 days deep training this June, August, Sept. or Nov. In these 5 days and 40 hours together, we scrape away the fluff and get deep into a transformative practice:

Wiesbaden (Germany), June 3-7, [email protected]
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Singapore, August 26-30, [email protected]
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OH (USA), September 22-26, [email protected]
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Orlando FL
(USA), November 18-22, [email protected]
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Those of you streaming our studio classes into your homes, here's a list of all the classes added to you membership library:
Byron de Marsé, "Just Enough Flow to Glow" (Flow, 90 minutes)
Bryan Kest, "Simple, Basic & Easy" (Flow, 60 minutes)
Byron de Marsé, "Spinal Fluidity" (Flow, 30 minutes)
Melissa Mercedes, "Pre-Bedtime Serenity" (Restorative, 30 minutes)

Those of you who have not taken the plunge into the cool waters of real classes recorded at my studio and streamed to your home for pennies per class, click on this link and indulge for free for a week.

Classes are from 10 minutes to over 2 hours long (one class is over 3 hours) that are taught by me and my hand-picked instructors. This nullifies ALL the excuses of beginning a home yoga practice! Give it a try, you won't regret it (I know that sounds cliché but it’s true).

Teacher Training from your home??? Yes! Our highly rated ONLINE Yoga Teacher Training program has received rave reviews! Convenience, economy, high quality and Bryan Kest's 40 years of experience leading classes and trainings! The next Online Teacher Training starts on April 22!
Registration will open in late March; for a description of this training,
click here.

Locals: Those of you who are local, here is a link to our free MindBody studio schedule app, so an updated schedule is always at your fingertips:
Download the Studio Schedule App on iTunes
Download the Studio Schedule App on Android
We are now updating daily ALL teachers schedules and sub schedules, so you are not left in the lurch. Don’t forget our Breaking News: We now have a dedicated (thanks to instructor John Harding) Santa Monica Power Yoga & Meditation Instagram page, which is dedicated to sharing with our community.

Happy winter you all,
Aloha, Bryan Kest

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