Santa Monica Yoga Update (And why we are going online)

To the peeps of Power Yoga,

As most of you know, our physical location at 1410 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA, USA is closing May 31st, and there have been questions that I’d like to address, and a message I’d like to deliver to you.

1) Does this affect and our online power yoga studio?
The answer is a resounding “NO” — actually, this will be my primary focus now, so expect your user experience to improve, and more and more new classes will be added as always on a monthly basis. There are still hundreds of recorded classes that are waiting patiently to be uploaded, and I will begin recording new classes once I am back from my summer tours, and I will bring in new instructors that I feel make the grade.  

2) Will I be leading classes elsewhere in L.A. and beyond?
I do not believe I will be teaching on a regular basis in L.A., although I am open to coming down on Sunday mornings and leading a Sunday morning class, yet the right fit has not presented itself yet. I will be leading a full schedule of classes in Ojai and Ventura, CA. This will begin upon my return from my summer tours in early Sept., and all this will be on a new updated studio page at

3) What about the other instructors? Where will they be teaching?
I will keep all their contact info on my website until May 31st, so please go to my website and click on Teachers and scroll to the teacher you're interested in and send them an email, as most all of them are leading classes elsewhere.

4) Where should I practice now (if not online with you?)
We are in L.A., baby, the yoga mecca of Earth -- go out and experiment. My first studio I opened at 522 Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica is still open and is still donation, and I believe they call it Power Yoga East; they have some of our instructors over there like Rudy Mettia, Tracey Goldman and Dan Ward. There is also one of our original teachers, Govind Das, who opened a donation studio called Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, and he is certainly worth checking out. Yet I really do recommend checking out our online studio; if you have not tried it, you may be pleasantly surprised that you can get such a sweet practice without leaving your house. I use it myself.

Lastly but most importantly: I want to thank you all for supporting me and my amazing instructors and our families. In my last class this past Sunday, there were two people who had been attending my class for over 30 years (Gene and Carissa) and more than a few who have been there for over 20 years. You all have added so much to my life in such a rich and positive way! Seeing your shining faces daily was a pleasure that words can’t describe. Although most of you I only saw in class, I felt deeply connected to many of you and will miss our weekly connections! I want to share with you all why I left Los Angeles, the greatest big city on Earth, and say so much more, yet words are not coming at this time. Maybe I will have a follow-up email.



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