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  1. Benefits of Yoga…Online

    This article should be called “The Benefits of Online Yoga” as that is the only yoga people will get right now due to COVID-19. What I have been surprised to discover is online yoga is every bit as effective as a studio yoga class. There are differences, no doubt. Yet both have benefits and can […]

  2. BIG NEWS-Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Virtual Studio is Expanding!

    Aloha Everyone! Yoga will not tell you what to do. It will just ask you to wake up and see what you’re doing, and then ask yourself four questions: 1) Does this help me?2) Does this help my family?3) Does this help my community?4) Does this help the planet? I sincerely hope you have been […]

  3. Yoga – Coronavirus – Life – Health – Wealth. Part 3.

    I believe most people are starting to figure out a new rhythm to their days as we are all locked down and spending much more time at home. Please take some time for your yoga and meditation practice. Here are links to two very nourishing 12-15 minute meditations. Try it morning, mid-day, and evening, and […]

  4. Yoga – Coronavirus – Life – Health – Wealth. Part 2.

    California is on lockdown and I’m sure the rest of the country will follow. I hope all of you are breathing through this completely unprecedented time. Yoga practice for us yoga practitioners is always important as it seems to have a unique ability to balance one’s body and mind, completely relieving physical tension and much, […]

  5. Coronavirus & Yoga practice and philosophy

     Like I am doing right now with this message, this is a time where you will see yoga instructors chime in about this global pandemic. They may give you breathing exercises or poses to help calm you. If you feel stressed or worried these practices will help so why not try them? I would like […]

  6. The Absurdity of Sleep

    Does yoga help me sleep better? Does meditation help me sleep better? If you could break wellness into parts like you cut a pie into pieces, one substantial piece would be sleep. The other parts of the pie include diet, exercise, and mental/emotion contentment!  Understanding yoga’s history and origin, which includes Ayurveda, we know yoga […]

  7. Intermediate Yoga

    Aloha yogis! I wanted to share with you some information on a topic in the yoga world that does not garner much attention, but it is always nice to have as a reference point to guide and support you on your journey into yoga! Especially if you are completely new to yoga, class offerings through […]

  8. New Year Resolution Yoga

    Wow…where do I begin? The topic of “New Year’s resolutions” can seem on the face of it, vast and daunting! For those of us who are driven and Type A personalities most likely have this innate desire to push, accomplish, thrive at whatever it is we set our minds to. Even if this presents as […]

  9. Is Power Yoga for Beginners?

    Power Yoga is well-suited for a diverse range of people and certainly, beginners are within that range. Personally, I feel that power Yoga is the best place for beginners to start their yoga journey. Yet, I am biased toward the type of Power Yoga I share. See, unlike many other types of yoga, Power Yoga […]

  10. Ashtanga Yoga: History, Info and Practice

    Ashtanga yoga postures and Ashtanga yoga sequences. If you are looking for a place to go to practice Ashtanga yoga, and its lesser known pranayama (breathing technique) sequence and a few even lesser known practices like neti (cleansing of nasal passage using a waxed string), you may have to travel to Mysore India. Pattabhi Jois […]


    You could say yoga for holiday stress is what yoga was created for! Yet the truth is yoga is for all stress! Yoga for stress is a well documented topic. Google yoga stress relief or holiday stress and yoga, and you will find much information. Understand the stress that’s being emphasized here is coming from […]

  12. Yoga Means “To Yoke”

    What is yoga? What is the meaning of yoga? All styles, systems and practices of yoga have the same objective of union, enlightenment or to yoke.  The differences would be in the methodology in attaining yoga’s goal.  So to define yoga we have to be clear whether we are talking about the Sanskrit word yoga’s […]

  13. Yoga & Gratitude

    How does yoga help you express your gratitude? Why do we practice yoga? The common answer is health and/or wellness. What detracts from wellness more than stress? What is more opposite than stress than gratitude? Yoga and gratitude is like parent and child. Gratitude is a by-product of yoga as the goal of yoga is […]

  14. NOURISHING THE HEART SPACE: Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

    I recently had an experience in which I was confronted with toxic and negative communication that was directed towards me and my family. Being a human being, my initial reaction was to “fight back” and to partake in similar, unhealthy communication. Thankfully, though, my yoga and meditation practice (as well as my training as a […]

  15. Power Yoga Fall Class & Events Update

    Lot’s happening here at Power Yoga, probably not too dissimilar from wherever this email finds you. Yet yoga is such a positive and healing addition to whatever is happening in our lives. As busy as you are, you might be interested in these events and activities happening near you. Those of you streaming our studio […]

  16. Yoga for Cancer – Announcing Our New Cancer Recovery Series

    I’m bringing this series to you, not because I wanted a “specialty” or because I’ve had special training. I bring this series to you because I’ve lived it. In the 30 years on my mat and teaching I have seen yoga save lives over and over again. My life is one of them. I lived […]

  17. Important Questions about Yoga, Weight loss and Wellness: Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight and Is Yoga Good for Weight loss?

    Let’s address these and many other questions pertaining to yoga and weight loss. Is yoga good for weight loss? Can you lose weight with yoga? What types of yoga are good for weight loss? Is Power Yoga good for weight loss? How does yoga help you lose weight? Considering the mass interest in weight loss […]

  18. The Absurdity of Yoga Without Meditation

    Having almost 40 years of yoga practice under my belt combined with living in India for a good 1-year stint, I can say with certainty Yoga is a meditation practice. What is the difference between yoga and meditation? There is no difference between yoga and meditation. So, yes yoga is a form of meditation. It […]

  19. The Absurdity of This Theory

    If it is true that the oldest living animals breathe the slowest, would it not be worth looking at breath rate when considering longevity? And since there is direct connection between health and longevity then certainly we would want to look into breath rate and its connection to health. Aesthetics and peak performance notwithstanding, the […]

  20. What is the difference between Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga?

    Vinyasa is a vigorous or flowing style of Hatha Yoga. Vinyasa is actually three hatha yoga poses: plank, cobra and down dog. These poses are used in between most other poses as a way of connecting one pose to the next, intertwining the movements into a very yang (active) style of yoga practice. This type […]

  21. The Absurdity of Failure

    The beauty and potency of failure: Progress is two steps forward and one step back (kind of). It could actually be two steps forward and 10 steps back then 12 steps forward. You get the point. Yet what is not commonly embraced is the fact that those two steps back are part of forward progress […]

  22. What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

    What is vinyasa flow yoga? Vinyasa is literally 3 movements: plank, cobra or up dog and down dog. These movements are used with breath to connect other poses to each other as you would connect a high-pitched sound to a low-pitched sound with something in the middle so the transition would be less abrasive.  Vinyasa […]

  23. The Absurdity of the City Dump

    What if everyone had to distribute all the trash they create on the grounds of their property? No, you cannot bury it. No, you cannot pay someone to take it away. Yes, you have to scatter it around your home’s foundation and, yes, you can clear through it a walking path. There is an old […]

  24. High Quality Online Yoga Classes

    The future is here and online yoga seems to be the best alternative for many people. Of course high quality yoga classes are the most desirable so let’s look at this “high quality” thing. High quality yoga classes might be different than a high quality website. Obviously, both would be preferred. I’ve have searched around […]

  25. Santa Monica Power Yoga Studio in L.A. – A Quick Update after Closing

    This is a quick update since the closing of Santa Monica Power Yoga Aloha everyone, Wow, this is my first newsletter since the closing of Santa Monica Power Yoga. I think of my L.A. peeps and the regulars who always stopped by the studio when visiting L.A. quite often. People tell me they are sad […]

  26. The Brilliant Absurdity of Yoga Asana

    The simplicity and practicality of yoga asana is mind-bending. We have made exercise and fitness so complicated with the multitude, or mountain, of ideas and philosophies. I like that old saying “keep it simple, stupid.” That’s what yoga does! Everybody knows you cannot take care of something you do not touch. That is why there […]

  27. What Does Yoga Do for Your Body?

    Wow, where to begin. You know you can easily Google “yoga for health“ or “what does yoga help with“ or “physical benefits of yoga,“ and I think you would be blown away at all yoga can accomplish and yoga’s health benefits. What I want to express here is my 38 years of experience and how […]

  28. Vinyasa Yoga

    Hey! Those of you new to yoga or anybody looking for a little clarity pertaining to yoga terminology, let’s start with one of the most common Sanskrit (which is one of yoga’s original languages) terms, as most terms are in this language. Please be aware that Sanskrit was India’s original language, or at least one […]

  29. Keeping Our Head Straight Through The Swirl That’s Enveloping Us

    When I was around 14, while I was living with my mother in suburban Detroit, my father approached me and asked me at my mother’s request if I’d like to live with him in Hawaii. I said “sure, Dad,” even though I hadn’t talked to him in about three years due to me finally standing […]

  30. What Are the Health Benefits of Yoga?

    Wow, where to begin. You know, you can easily google “yoga for health,“ or “what does yoga help with,“ or “physical benefits of yoga,“ and I think you would be blown away at all yoga can accomplish and yoga’s health benefits. What I want to express here is my 38 years of experience, and how […]

  31. Cultural Absurdity

    We certainly are not an advanced culture, and any thought that we are will only hinder us in ever achieving it. Truth is, I’m not sure there is one. Maybe Bhutan, as I once heard they were more interested in GNH, gross national happiness, as opposed to GNP, gross national product. Most cultures are still […]

  32. Santa Monica Yoga Update (And why we are going online)

    To the peeps of Power Yoga, As most of you know, our physical location at 1410 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA, USA is closing May 31st, and there have been questions that I’d like to address, and a message I’d like to deliver to you. 1) Does this affect poweryoga.com and our online power yoga studio?The answer is a […]

  33. The Absurdity of Aging (Part 2)

    The beauty of aging. This is a reflection on the powerful process of letting go and the peace and wisdom that ensues. As well as a counterbalance to our culture’s negative mentality towards aging. Attention all baby boomers, the end is coming; are you prepared? 🙂 Those in your 40s and 50s, you are about […]

  34. The Absurdity of the Six Pack

    How body types look different and how exercise affects different bodies differently I have a six-pack – you just can’t see it. Some people naturally, without any exercise or special diet, have a very lean and cut body. It’s not common, but it exists. Some people have very fleshy bodies, and with exercise and a […]

  35. Emotional Eating

    Emotional Eating:When I was in graduate school, writing my dissertation, I would sit at my computer for long periods of time in the “writing zone.” During this time, I often had within arm’s reach a six-pack container of gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I would inhale these cookies within an hour (usually 30 minutes!), […]

  36. The Absurdity of the New Yoga Studio

    The new yoga studio is the yoga studio owned by a corporation. Now I get it, even a mom-and-pop yoga studio might be an LLC for tax and or liability purposes, so when I say corporation, I’m talking about a corporate studio or chain of studios whose owner is most likely not running the show, […]

  37. The Absurdity of Fear

    Fear obviously can be rational and is at times necessary and important, and yet it can be totally and completely irrational, and these days, most of the time it is unnecessary and harmful. Differentiating between the two is about as helpful and important to our health and the health of all of our relationships, including […]

  38. The Absurdity of Machismo

    The term toxic masculinity really sums up the macho attitude and mentality. We live in a culture (our culture is certainly not alone in this mentality, actually it is a very rare culture that doesn’t embrace this machismo) that emphasizes and admires the tough, rugged, aggressive man. You will see him incessantly on TV or […]

  39. Best Online Yoga

    Why is poweryoga.com the best online yoga? Well, actually we might not be! Even though many might feel we are. We do offer a high-quality experience, which means the techies who built poweryoga.com knew what they were doing; with its symmetry and ease of use, it’s a comfortable place to be. The people who run […]

  40. Super-Healthy Vacations & Events

    Aloha everyone, Summer plans start now! (esp. if you’re trapped inside due to a polar vortex!) If you’re committed to your health, spirit and yoga, here are some special events we offer to deepen and strengthen!       Summer wellness camp for adults?Costa Rica! Finally, we have settled on a new location (see picture above) […]

  41. The Absurdity of Proper Diet

    The global wellness economy is 4.2 trillion dollars, more than half of the 7.3 trillion global health expenditures. My guess, diet is a big factor in wellness spending. With so much money at stake, you will find many people and companies touting the next great thing from vegan to paleo, from bulletproof to omega-3s, from organics […]

  42. Fitness Yoga for Beginners

    Which yoga is best for fitness? What is yoga fitness? Yoga fitness might not be what you think of when you think of fitness, although it might also not be to far away from your ideas of fitness. Yet it is different. It’s common to come to your first yoga class wanting a certain type […]

  43. Yoga Buffet

    How would I describe my yoga classes? They’re a yoga buffet. That’s my answer to what my classes are (or at least one of them). In a sense, this is what most all classes are, except for the rigid and dogmatic styles or types of yoga classes that believe that their way is the only […]

  44. The Absurdity of Relationships

    Healthy relationships start with the relationship we have with ourselves! All relationships are enhanced and thrive under the same conditions, just as all relationships are hindered under the same conditions. This includes the relationship we have with ourselves. Developing the qualities that heal and enhance the relationship you have with yourself means developing the qualities […]

  45. Free Yoga Videos

    You could say the best yoga videos are free yoga videos. I wouldn’t say that, though. Free is nice, no doubt, but what is nicer is quality. So let’s start again, the best yoga videos are high-quality free yoga videos! High-quality is not a reference to the photography, although high quality footage is nice, it’s a […]

  46. Yoga Meditation

    Meditation and Yoga is like Human and Heart. Yoga vs. Meditation is a ridiculous concept, as they are one and the same. They are inseparable and necessary to complete each other. So yes, yoga does include meditation; actually, yoga is meditation with an option to add poses. I’ve heard the question, what poses are yoga meditation poses? Meditation needs to occur […]

  47. Yoga and Gratitude

    How does yoga help you express your gratitude? Why do we practice yoga? The common answer is health and/or wellness. What detracts from wellness more than stress? What is more opposite than stress than gratitude? Yoga and gratitude is like parent and child. Gratitude is a by-product of yoga as the goal of yoga is […]

  48. Loving Kindness and Yoga

    You can find loving kindness with yoga, I did. Loving kindness is the natural by-product of my yoga practice and my growth as a yogi. To be a yogi is to desire and strive for my potential. I’m not sure how that will look yet I can keep moving in that direction by following what […]

  49. Online Yoga Classes

    I would venture to say the best yoga classes are online yoga classes! Now certainly that’s not a rule, and there are other factors such as cost. The cost of online classes is much more affordable, which helps many to access yoga content. How about free online yoga classes? There is not a brick-and-mortar yoga […]

  50. The Absurdity of Success

    While talking to my 16-year-old nephew yesterday about success, it was reinforced to me what is so obvious about our society’s opinions and beliefs about success. These opinions and beliefs are what our kids and we are seeing and therefore believing. Our topic was, “what is a successful business person?” This young man’s definition was […]

  51. The Definition of Yoga

    What is yoga? What is the meaning of yoga? The definition of yoga or its goal would be the same as the Power Yoga definition and goal. All styles, systems and practices of yoga should have the same objective of union, enlightenment or ????  The differences would be in the methodology in attaining yoga’s goal. […]

  52. Yoga for Back Pain

    Most people, when searching the topic “Yoga for Lower Back Pain,” are in pain or want to help someone who is in lower back pain. They want to know “yoga poses for lower back pain” or “which yoga is best for lower back pain,” or even “is yoga good for lower back pain?” So, I […]

  53. Yoga Videos

    Welcome to the new millennium and, to a large degree, the new way to learn. I was at lunch the other day with a very motivated and highly intelligent thirty-ish young man who answered my question as to how he learned the subject we were addressing by announcing that he learned the subject where he […]

  54. The Absurdity of Aging

    The absurdity is our culture’s attitudes towards aging. Aging is beautiful. I am 53 and, let me tell you, things have changed. In a certain sense, I’m falling apart. My hair is grey and my face wrinkled. My strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and cardio have all declined, not to mention my eyesight. I experience pain […]

  55. Who Put the Flow in Yoga? What Is Vinyasa Yoga & Why It Was Created

    Hey, those of you new to yoga, or anybody looking for a little clarity pertaining to yoga terminology, let’s start with one of the most common Sanskrit (which is one of yoga’s original languages) terms, as most terms are in this language. Please be aware that Sanskrit was India’s original language (or at least one […]

  56. Yoga for Pregnancy

    As a clinical psychologist with an interest women’s health, I am a big advocate for integrative approaches to support emotional and physical well-being in pregnant and postpartum women. Pregnancy is life-altering for women, both psychologically and physically. As we are unique individuals, pregnancy can manifest itself in a variety of ways, when it comes to […]

  57. Morning Yoga Outside in front of ocean

    The Absurdity of Humanity

    “All knowledge comes from experience; everything else is just information.” (Albert Einstein) Our teacher is the experiences we have in our life. We cannot hear our teacher if we are not paying attention. Our brains cannot think about one thing and pay attention to something else. So as our mind wanders from thought to thought, […]

  58. Hatha Yoga

    What is Hatha yoga? If you google “hatha yoga definition“, you will get a wealth of info with lots of ancient texts, Sanskrit words, saints and sages and mythology. The Hatha yoga description can be complicated, contradictory and super interesting if you are into that type of stuff. I’d like to define Hatha yoga according […]

  59. Yoga for Beginners

    Yoga classes for beginners, whether in a studio or via beginning yoga video or even a yoga book for beginners, can vary. So please know it’s possible to dislike one class immensely while really appreciating another class. How to start doing yoga or practicing yoga? Well, as mentioned above, there are classes, yoga books for […]

  60. The Absurdity of Religion

    I’m sure the title of this article could be jarring, and that is not its intent. This is simply becoming the “Absurdity Series.“ For more on this, you can also read on The Absurdity of Yoga and The Absurdity of Competition. Religion has important cultural and personal benefits that need to be acknowledged, as we learn and […]

  61. The Beauty of Yoga Online

    Bryan Explains Why Online Yoga Videos Can Better Support Your Yoga Practice. The Internet and social media can be a big contributor to stress, as anything used in an unbalanced way can be harmful. The correlation between social media and depression is now apparent. So personally, when it comes to me or my kids, I […]

  62. The Absurdity of Advanced Yoga Poses

    Doing a quick Google search of “advanced yoga poses,” it seems the going definition is contorted-like positions or very hard yoga poses. To me, this is absurd for two reasons: Firstly: Now this simply may be semantics, but considering the personal nature of yoga, labeling a yoga practice “advanced” is absurd. Take an acrobat who can easily perform […]

  63. The Absurdity of Weight Loss

    Our cultural obsession with weight loss is a cultural sickness in itself. Sure, it is true, obesity is a ubiquitous problem and is considered the cause of other health issues. For the most part, even the act of losing weight is absurd, considering 80% – 90% of people put the weight back on. Surprisingly, even […]

  64. absurdity of yoga

    The Absurdity of Yoga

    To the Western mind, yoga is absurd. Growing up in a Christian society, we are born sinners and we need to repent. We are constantly being told in various ways, we are not good enough. Whether we are having images of “success and beauty” imprinted onto our minds (psychological fact: the more you see something, […]

  65. Neanderthals We Are!

    Back in the Neanderthal period, we never had enough. We did not have enough food, shelter, warmth, safety or clothing. Tribalism and fear were necessary for survival. Today most of us have enough of all these things, so why are fear and tribalism still our most dominant qualities? Has our intellectual prowess fooled us into […]

  66. Yoga Meditation Techniques

    Yoga Meditation Poses, Techniques & Exercises for Beginners

    As a beginner to yoga and meditation, I often pondered questions such as: “Are yoga and meditation the same thing?”, “Am I doing this the right way?”, “How should I place my hands when I am meditating, and does this really matter?”, “Should I meditate before or after my physical asana practice?”. The more time […]

  67. Reduce Blood Pressure with Yoga

    5 Yoga Poses to Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally

    Yoga is highly beneficial for any and all stress-related issues. Yoga for high blood pressure and yoga for hypertension, as well as yoga poses for high blood pressure are powerful tools in healing these conditions, especially healing these conditions naturally with no ill byproducts only beneficial byproducts. Yoga’s most famous attribute is stress reduction. Stress […]

  68. Yoga Teacher Training

    Yoga Teacher Training Questions, Tips & FAQs

    If you are anything like me, at some point early in your entrée to the yoga world, you experienced a blissful high at the end of a yoga class. In the beginning you may have been pessimistic, questioning if this feeling was “real” or just some figment of your imagination. The dark clouds following you […]

  69. Yoga Lower Back Pain

    Yoga Stretches & Poses for Lower Back Pain Relief

    Lower back pain is prolific! I’ve actually heard that 80% of people suffer from or have suffered from back pain. Yoga for lower back pain and yoga poses for lower back pain relief is a common theme. Even yoga sequences for lower back pain have been developed. With a little flick of a mouse and […]

  70. Pregnancy Yoga Poses

    Best Yoga Poses for Pregnancy

    NOTE:  Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting a yoga practice while pregnant. My pregnancy was a yoga practice in itself. When pregnant, I had so many expectations around what my practice “should” look like. And, I had a strong practice prior to pregnancy so did not think for a moment that I would […]

  71. History of Poweryoga with Bryan Kest

    The History of Power Yoga

    Power Yoga history is very much tied to the history of modern Power Yoga, a name I coined but never trademarked (thus you have its generic use), is really one of the first types of yoga that stepped outside of the traditional yoga systems, even though its goal is the same as the traditional systems. […]

  72. Prenatal Yoga Poses

    What Yoga Poses to Avoid When Pregnant?

    Disclaimer: As always, consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any type of exercise program during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life that is ripe for nurturing, slowing down, and reflecting. Practicing yoga during pregnancy can prepare a woman’s mind and body for the wild, magical journey of pregnancy and […]

  73. Yoga and Meditation

    What Are The Benefits of Yoga & Meditation?

    Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and chronic stress are prevalent in the United States, and are considered serious health conditions alongside heart disease, cancer and asthma. Integrative and holistic mind-body practices such as yoga and mindfulness meditation have become increasingly popular and beneficial as well when it comes to psychological and physical health […]

  74. Yoga for Stress, Depression and Anxiety

    How Yoga & Meditation Help with Stress, Anxiety & Depression

    The confluence of Western psychology with Eastern mind-body practices such as yoga and meditation creates a ripe environment for working with emotional and psychological issues. As a result, the mental health field has witnessed an upsurge in these mind-body healing modalities to address issues ranging from mood and anxiety disorders to stress relief. What is […]

  75. How to teach yoga

    How to Teach Yoga

    I like to describe teaching yoga like this: Let’s say your grandma has a great recipe for chicken soup. You love this chicken soup, it’s amazing!!! Your grandma gave you her recipe, and now you cook chicken soup all the time. One day your friend comes to your house to visit. He says, “what smells […]

  76. Absurdity of Competition

    The Absurdity of Competition

    Could you imagine how radiation for a cancerous tumor might affect our energy level? What about dealing with the very recent death of a loved one? Could you imagine the limitations or discomfort of being constipated or having a herniated disc? What about neck problems or hamstring issues, a recent surgery, tobacco withdrawals, bad eyesight […]

  77. Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

    The Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

    If you practice yoga, then you most likely have experienced the “high” that yoga offers—that feeling like you are grounded in your body, calm, connected, clear, and centered. In this space, it might feel like a dark cloud that was following you around prior to class has suddenly disappeared. Or, that negative thought, emotion, or […]

  78. Yoga Proper Alignment

    The Absurdity of Proper Alignment

    It seems to me that I might as well be talking about religion.  Different people, different schools, different systems, all have strong opinions on this subject and how it pertains to each pose.  Even to the degree where people are drawn like an addict out of sobriety into judgment and criticism and other toxic mentalities […]

  79. History of Power Yoga

    The Origin and Development of Power Yoga

    Power Yoga history is very much tied to the history of modern yoga. Power Yoga, a name I coined but never trademarked (thus you have its generic use), is really one of the first types of yoga that stepped outside of the traditional yoga systems, even though its goal is the same as the traditional […]

  80. How To Teach Your First Yoga Class

    This is a great topic for me, as I remember my first class well. I also have a perspective on teaching your first yoga class, and any yoga class for that matter. Many have asked me: “How should I get started? How should I teach my first yoga class?” For me, the foundation of teaching […]

  81. Yoga Teacher Training

    What Are the Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training?

    Yoga teacher training: What to expect, how to prepare and benefits. So apropos, as I am currently in the midst of my five-day, 40-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training & Immersion. How to prepare for yoga teacher training? You may get as many answers to this question as times you ask the question. Each training will […]

  82. Yoga for Kids

    What Are The Health Benefits Of Yoga For Kids?

    Yoga can be applied to most all people and the age and condition of those people. The health benefits of yoga for kids are many, and kids yoga classes are many and profuse because of that. I just returned from a middle school tour for my oldest child, and the principal was telling me how […]

  83. Definition Power Yoga

    What Is the Definition of Power Yoga?

    Power Yoga = Empowering yoga practice. So what is the difference between yoga and Power Yoga? All yoga should have the same objective, which is basically wellness. Although wellness can be expressed in many ways using many terms. The word yoga literally translated into English means “yoke“ or “to yoke;“ now, you can translate yoke […]

  84. Advanced Yoga Poses

    Advanced Yoga Poses

    This is a subject that certainly is begging for clarification. Certainly, as one gets more experienced in anything, one develops more insight and understanding pertaining to the endeavor or subject one is partaking in. Yet understanding more does not necessarily mean doing more and could very well mean doing less, especially pertaining to the physical […]

  85. What is Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

    What is hot vinyasa yoga and what is vinyasa yoga good for?   Vinyasa is literally 3 movements — plank, cobra or up dog, and down dog. These movements are used to connect other poses to each other, as you would connect a high-pitched sound to a low-pitched sound with something in the middle, so […]

  86. How Does Yoga Help Relieve Stress?

    Yoga, it seems, was built to relieve stress. So how does yoga reduce stress? Well, yoga does this in many ways. One way is using the yoga poses to help relieve stress. One by-product of stress is physical tension. So often, you hear people complain about neck and shoulder pain or tension, due to how […]

  87. What Is the Difference Between Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga?

    Vinyasa is a vigorous or flowing style of Hatha Yoga. A vinyasa is actually 3 hatha yoga poses — plank, cobra and down dog. These poses are used in between most other poses as a way of connecting one pose to the next, intertwining the movements into a very Yang type practice. This type of […]

  88. What Are the Benefits of Power Yoga?

    Let’s start by defining Power Yoga: Since I coined the term (but never trademarked it), I’m a good source for its definition, kind of. Well, since it’s not trademarked (even though Beryl Bender Birch tried, but since my use and others’ use was first, she couldn’t or wouldn’t), Power Yoga is just a cool name […]

  89. Western Fitness Absurdity

    Psychological fact (I’ve been told): “The more you see something, the more you believe it.“ What if all I’ve seen is wrong? Western-based health and wellness practices (exercises) are misguided and completely inappropriate for health and wellness. It’s like a story I’ve been told so much, I believe it. What’s misguided is this correlation between […]

  90. What is Hatha Yoga?

    Why should we know what Hatha Yoga is? Not sure, but maybe because over 30 million Americans and around 60 million worldwide practice yoga (and most of it is Hatha Yoga) and many more interested in trying–maybe even you? I decided to google the term Hatha Yoga to get a Hatha Yoga description. I ended […]

  91. Difference Traditional Yoga Power Yoga

    What Is the Difference Between Traditional and Power Yoga?

    Well I guess I’m the best person to answer this question, considering I grew up from age 15 in Traditional yoga. By Traditional yoga, I mean a vinyasa yoga practice I studied in India called Ashtanga yoga. I am also the person who coined the term “Power Yoga.“ The difference between Yoga and Power Yoga or […]

  92. Yoga Positions for Beginners

    Basic Yoga Positions for Beginners

    The Benefits of Basic Yoga Positions Basic yoga positions can be helpful for the beginner asana practitioner and the seasoned practitioner alike. Basic yoga positions for beginners can serve to create a solid foundation upon which to build your practice and are simple and easy to integrate with a well-established practice. Anecdotal and scientific information […]

  93. Yoga Beginners for Home

    How to Do Yoga at Home for Beginners

    Why a home practice is important for beginners The growing demands on our lives in conjunction with technology’s ability to make us accessible 24/7 can leave us feeling overwhelmed and chronically stressed. Yoga is a mind-body practice that supports slowing down and taking time to tune into the breath amidst the chaos of our lives. […]

  94. Health Benefits of Restorative Yoga

    What Are the Health Benefits of Restorative Yoga?

    The Gift that Keeps on Giving… Do you often feel run down and overwhelmed by the seemingly nonstop treadmill of life? Do you find yourself overcome by a relentless desire to reach for another cup of coffee or other stimulant to help get you through the day, all the while knowing that this will only […]

  95. Yoga for Beginners

    How to Start Yoga

    A Beginner’s Yoga Guide Beginner Yoga or Yoga for beginners can be approached in different ways. One way to learn is of course to go to a beginners’ yoga class, where you will be guided towards how to do yoga according to that school and most likely get a breakdown of yoga poses and maybe […]

  96. Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

    Advantages of Prenatal Yoga for Beginners and Pregnant Yoginis

    Pregnancy is a significant transition for women on many different levels. It is a time of major hormonal fluctuation that can be associated with shifts in mood, appetite, and sleep just to name a few. In addition, expectant mamas can experience uncertainty towards pregnancy and what life will look like post-childbirth. While being healthy both […]

  97. Yoga for Men

    What are the Benefits of Yoga for Men?

    Specifically, What Are the Health Benefits of Yoga for Men? Whether it’s Power Yoga or Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga or Flow, Yin or Restorative, whether it’s physical or mental (meditative), the benefits are most likely more than we even know. Yet so many of these benefits are obvious and need to be addressed, as it […]

  98. What is Hot Yoga

    What is Hot Yoga? Benefits & Poses

    Yoga is the integration of mindful breathing with movement that cultivates strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and nurtures not only our physical but also psychological well-being. There are many different styles of yoga practiced in the West. One of these styles, “hot yoga”, is strongly influenced by a philosophy that suggests practicing yoga in an artificially […]

  99. Yoga Deals New Year

    How to Hold to Your New Year’s Resolution of Staying in Shape

    Ok, this question could only exist being informed by people’s inability to hold on to their resolutions. Three ideas come to mind for me when posed with the above question: 1) Find the tools and resources to help break old habits and instill new ones Make sure you have everything you need to support yourself […]

  100. meditating woman in sunset

    What are the Benefits of Yoga for Women?

    Over the past few decades, we have witnessed a confluence of Western medicine and psychological theories with ancient Eastern practices such as yoga and mindfulness meditation for addressing women’s health issues. This marriage of ideas is reflected in and supported by the many benefits of yoga for women including emotional (e.g., feeling calm and relaxed), […]

  101. Holiday Fitness: Yoga

    Fitness & Diet Beyond the Holidays

    It’s More Than a Trend! Beyond the holidays and all through the holidays as well. I actually rather use the word wellness, as it seems to encompass more than just an exercise routine or diet plan, yet is expected to be the result of an exercise routine. I view my wellness as me covering all […]

  102. Different Types of Yoga

    What are the Different Types of Yoga that Work Best for Me?

    In considering what type of yoga is best for me, we need to consider the types of yoga practice that are directed at creating the highest level of energy, vitality and freedom. The only way to do this is to work with yourself, not against yourself. Whether we are doing a 90-minute class of Power […]

  103. How to become a Yoga Teacher

    How To Become A Yoga Teacher?

    How To Share Yoga (Excerpts from Bryan Kest’s Yoga Teacher Training) What mostly separates a physical yoga practice from all other exercises is not the movements, it is the awareness. So as students and as instructors this has to be the primary agenda. To know how to become a yoga teacher or simply put, how […]

  104. What Are the Health Benefits of Yoga?

    How Do We Reap the Best Benefits of Yoga? Throughout my travels and 35+ years in teaching yoga, I am constantly asked the question, “Bryan, how do I get the best benefits from my yoga practice?” The yoga poses and your experiences within the poses will bring your entire body to an alive vibrant state, […]

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