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Let’s Kick It up a Notch: Why Power Yoga’s Teacher’s Training May Be Right for You

Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Teacher Training is bonafide and one of a kind! All yoga teacher training varies slightly (although less and less with Yoga Alliance setting standards), but our training is another type of beast. If any of you have experienced a Bryan Kest Power Yoga class, you know he broke the mold. If […]

The Absurdity of Not Letting Go

There are many universal laws yet underlining all of them is the law of “change.” You cannot imagine anything that you will not have to say goodbye to because everything will change. The philosophy of yoga is rooted in the statement that all human suffering comes from one place and that place is called “attachment.”

The Essence of a Yoga Pose

All movements can be healing. Then again, all movements can be harmful. What makes the same yoga pose healing or harmful? When I first considered this question, what popped into my head was “one’s intention within the movement.” In other words, do you want the movement to be healing or is there another purpose?

The Absurdity of Western Medicine

The title of this article may seem absurd to some, especially if you’re an M.D., D.O., Physician’s Assistant, nurse or simply have benefitted from allopathy. Believe it or not, this piece will not be a condemnation of allopathy (allopathy has way too much good) yet it will illustrate in the writer’s view at least its absurdity.

What is Yoga Nidra?

The translation here is “Yoga Sleep”. There is no doubt that this is not only a relaxation technique, but I would also say this is the premiere relaxation technique. Personally, I have been practicing yoga for 40 years and I have never seen a type of yoga practice or any practice and/or endeavor that offers the relaxation benefits that this does.

Yoga for Beginners (Part 2)

Okay, you have been living under a rock the past 30 years and finally you decide to climb out. Once out, you realize you are so stiff and completely atrophied. The current fitness trend seems to be yoga so why not give it a try?

The Absurdity of Western Fitness

Psychological fact (I’ve been told): "The more you see something, the more you believe it." What if all I’ve seen is wrong? Western-based health and wellness practices (exercises) are misguided and completely inappropriate for health and wellness. It’s like a story I’ve been told so much, I believe it.

The Absurdity of Thoughts

I have been having some interesting thoughts lately. My aging process is allowing me to see more--yeah I think that’s it! Our teacher is our experience, and as we age we gain experiences.

Free Yoga Online

I used to say originally all yoga was free. Originally yoga practices were designed to enhance moral character, ethical behavior, calm demeanor, poise, and eventually liberation.

Can I Benefit from a 20 Minute Yoga Practice?

I’m excited to write about this topic mostly because of initial resistance I had to such short yoga classes and the fact that I now so appreciate them.

Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

The neck and shoulders are the most famous places within our bodies to display signs of stress in the form of tension. The tension most likely is coming from stress and that stress is displayed or deposited in this region of the body.

One Person Yoga Poses

I have been practicing yoga postures for 40 years and have spent a great deal of time in India studying yoga. Honestly, the only type of yoga pose I ever saw in India was with one person.