Mellow • 72 min • Bryan Kest

Thu, 10/15/20 - Mostly deep and sweet floor stretch with some brief moments of heat.

(LSD) Long, Slow, & Deep – Short Form
Mellow • 38 min • Bryan Kest

Longer held floor stretches.

(LSD) Long, Slow, & Deep
Active • 111 min • Bryan Kest

(LSD) Long, Slow, & Deep is an amazing routine. It’s a paradox. It is by far the most difficult class...

30 Mins. Yin Yoga
Mellow • 30 min • Travis Eliot

In this Yin Yoga 30 min session with Travis Elliot we hold deep stretches for 1 1/2-2min. to promote flexibility...

Walk the Lizard
Active • 84 min • Dan Ward

Hips are the focus in this strong Yin-based class. A sweet camel back bend is in there too!

Yin Twist!
Mellow • 46 min • Dan Ward

Hip openers & forward folds with a twist!

Yin Yoga For Athletes: & everyone else!
Mellow • 84 min • Travis Eliot

This yin sequence is crafted especially for athletes to allow their joints & ligaments to heal & repair. You can...

Yin Yoga-Mother of All Stretches
Robust • 83 min • Travis Eliot

This series will expose some the of larger, tighter muscle groups in the lower body. Although it's tough the rewards...

Yin Yoga “Sleep Well”
Mellow • 85 min • Travis Eliot

This is the perfect class to wind down, dissolve tension, and melt away the stresses of the day. This practice...

Do You YIN!
Active • 79 min • Dan Ward

Find the yang in the yin, holding a deep stretch, in this challenging and strong yin class.