Prenatal: Strength & Stamina
Dynamic • 43 min • Melissa Mercedes

Build strength and stamina, two essential aspects of pregnancy and labor, through this short yet dynamic flow geared towards all...

Prenatal: All Trimesters
Approachable • 56 min • Hilaire Lockwood

Gently nurture your body and your baby from your first trimester to your third. Build a strong, healthy body, mind...

Approachable • 31 min • Eric Bennewitz

Power Yoga Online Class: Prenatal - Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation   CONNECTING WITH THE UNIVERSAL ENERGIES (for pregnant women). Yoga...

Prenatal Stretching
Approachable • 42 min • Melissa Mercedes

Power Yoga Online Class: Prenatal Stretching   While this class is designed for all 3 trimesters, it focuses on addressing...

Prenatal: Going Inward to Prepare for Labor yoga video
Dynamic • 36 min • Melissa Mercedes

Take a brief pause out of your day to reconnect with self and the beautiful life force growing within you....

Prenatal: Quick Revitalizer
Dynamic • 36 min • Melissa Mercedes

Short and sweet pick me up on those days you just don’t feel like practicing. This class will address the...

Prenatal: Take Flight
Vigorous • 73 min • Melissa Mercedes

A more rigorous flow designed for yogis with an established practice. Props: blanket/towel (optional), block, bolster.

Prenatal: 3rd Trimester Flow
Approachable • 42 min • Melissa Mercedes

Honor your body and trust what feels right to you. Props: blanket/towel (optional), block.

Prenatal: Trust In The Wisdom of Your Temple
Dynamic • 81 min • Melissa Mercedes

This class is designed to strengthen your inner thighs and pelvis through squats and to increase the flexibility in your...

Prenatal: Making Space for Baby
Dynamic • 61 min • Melissa Mercedes

An easy to moderate flow focused on deep hip openers and side stretches to create a nurturing and loving space...