One Person Yoga Poses

I have been practicing yoga postures for 40 years and have spent a great deal of time in India studying yoga. Honestly, the only type of yoga pose I ever saw in India was with one person.

Yin Yoga

What is yin yoga? You have heard the phrase “yin and yang” or you could say feminine or masculine. If not, I believe the words originated in China. They describe the polar opposites like feminine and masculine or negative and positive.

Yoga Before And After Eating?

Much of what I will address here would also pertain to exercise in general, though yoga in specific. Before I delve into food before yoga or exercise, what needs to be clarified is the duration of time one takes in-between eating and exercise.

Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

A beginner’s guide to yoga could include many upon many different topics. Honestly, it could be a book and there are probably many books on this topic. Just describing the different styles of yoga could be a book, let alone the topics that could be created in introducing yoga. When I first decided to write […]

Psoas Yoga, Shall We?

I learned the importance of this muscle in my effort to heal my back injury. As I was visiting orthopedics, chiropractors, massage therapists, and many other allopathic and holistic practitioners, I started hearing about this muscle and its connection literally to the lower back area of our body. This is when I first started looking for yoga poses for the psoas. My search intensified as one practitioner told me he believed a lot of lower back issues begin with atrophy in this muscle.

Practice Yoga and Be Free

The title of this blog is so apropos towards the multi-faceted benefits of yoga. I will not speak about what I have read pertaining to this subject, I will only speak about my experience. So, when reading this you will know how a yoga practice has affected someone and, therefore, there’s a good chance you will get a similar effect.

Free Online Yoga Classes

Free online content is as old as the internet and free yoga online is no different. This is one of the perks of the internet. YouTube is virtually all free. Most times, more so than not, we do pay for free content if that makes sense. Let me explain: You may not pay money for content but you may have to put up with ads, pop-up windows, or the likes. Same as if you want to watch the Super Bowl in real time, you have to deal with the commercials. Internet ads and pop-ups are virtually internet commercials. Same as the ads in a newspaper or magazine.

To Be Or Not To Be A Yoga Teacher

Do you want to share your yoga practice and the myriad of benefits with others? If so, then you would want the best yoga teacher training right? Now, “the best” may mean different things to different people so let’s clarify. First, what type of yoga are you interested in sharing?

Why is a Well-Rounded Yoga Workout the Absolutely Best Workout?

I believe I have put to rest within the title of this blog the question: “Is yoga a good workout," or even "is yoga a workout?” Like I said, it’s the best and I’ll explain why. At the ripe age of 55, I have been deep into health and fitness ever since I can remember.

Some Amazing Reasons for Doing Yoga

This phrase “Do yoga with me” has never been more practical or even possible. The very young might not know too much differently than the internet and all that it entails, but everyone older than say, about 40 years old, knows it wasn’t long ago that to participate in a yoga class you had to show up in person.